What time does Facenook team arrive at the venue?

Our team arrives at least thirty minutes - one hour before the time indicated on the form.

How many people are there in one team?

Facenook team is composed of one-two-three persons.

What is the size of the photo magnet?

It is the same size of the photo print out (4R) "Full Size"

How long does it take to print a photo?

It takes 14 seconds to print a 4R photo for DNP RX1 (water & fade proof)

What is the equipment that Facenook will bring for the photobooth?

1 set booth box with HD Camera, computer/laptop (350w), lighting (20w) & wiring

1 set Backdrop with stand

1 pc of photo lab printer with consumables (Fast - 14 seconds, water & fade proof)

click here to see the set up photo

What is the equipment that Facenook will bring for the PhotoMan?

1 DSLR Camera with batteries, wifi, accessories & charger

1 Off Cam Flash with batteries & charger

1 Photo Lab Printer with cord & consumables

1 Lot of SD Cards (back up)

2 Pcs extension wires (in case needed)

Does the PhotoMan require an electrical outlet?

Yes. Our set up is roving photographer with stationed printing kiosk using a wifi enabled system to print the photos while the photographer is on the move.

How do we book for our event?

Kindly email your event date, time, exact venue location & how you did learn about Facenook Digital Photography (FDP) to facenookdigital@gmail.com. Please expect an email reply with in the day, maximum of 24-48 hrs in some circumstances (e.g. internet is down, Non Office hours, etc.)

What is your office day/hours?

We work online and our email team is open from 10am - 10pm (Mondays thru Saturdays).

Why are you not answering our SMS/Call?

This happens when  the person in charge of our office cellphone is driving, in a meeting, in an event and the likes, rest assured you can coordinate with our email team. Our email team is the one handling reservations, bookings and schedules. 

Do you upload the photos on Facebook?

Yes. You can search our Facebook page and click on the Like button. You will see the most recent event photos on the wall. You can even like and share your photos to your own page/wall.

What is you Facebook Page?


How can I get my soft copy?

We will send you a direct download link via email.

How can I be sure that Facenook will honor my online transactions?

Facenook digital Photography is duly registered as a business entity for customers protection and satisfaction. Online transaction is valid. (Please see the "about us" section)

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