ATTENTEXT SYSTEM Attendance & Text (ATS)

With our current service expansion, Facenook Digital now offers Digital ID System that provides comprehensive IT solution for schools, dedicated to bring stronger control, convenience and peace of mind for the parents, safety for the students and more value for your institution.


For Parents:

*Automated notification through Text (upon students arrival/exit at school)

*Peace of mind

(assured that their child goes to school and is not cutting classes)

For the Institution

*FREE ID System

*FREE Daily Time Record (DTR) for  employees/staff

*Added Security (as parents are notified for their child's attendance)

*Report generation (will not be tampered, information is safe)

*Adds value to the schools reputation

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Main features

*Future ready system

*Automated attendance system

*Zero cutting classes occurrence

*Automated notification via Text to parents upon arrival/exit of their child at school

*Parents peace of mind

*Added security

*Attendance report generation

*Adds value to the institution

Future Ready Features:

Enrollment system

Uniform ordering system

Payment system

Books Management

Staff payroll management

Mobile APP with notification

Employee's Leave Management

Student’s Record management

Examination Grading

School Profile Update

Homework and Feedback

Inventory Management

Our system is future ready and our goal is to help your institution be paperless in the coming years. School records will no longer be destroyed by any calamity and untoward incidents as it will be safely kept in our web server.

How it works

Facenook Digital provides the ATTENTEXT SYSTEM (ATS) that tracks the students attendance using a smart card that will be attached to the student’s ID card. When the student enters/leaves the school and tap on the device at the entrance/exit area , the device will detect the tag and will automatically send a notification to the parents/legal guardians through TXT and Android App (coming soon) informing them that their child has entered/left the school. The system will also save the info for record purposes.

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Additional FREE Future Features for the School

Attendance system + School system FREE Features:

Daily/Monthly/ Yearly Attendance Report can be retrieved from archived data with just a few clicks. Late or early Arrivals or Departures are tracked individually and reported.

Personal messages like Birthday wishes, important school notices, special achievements, reports, emergencies can be instantly communicated with the parent/ guardian.

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