BIRTHDAY (Fast Food Chain Venue)

* P2,900.00 - 1 Photographer Unlimited Shots, with soft copy of all photos taken

Regular Price - P5,000.00

Add on:

* P5,100.00 - Instant Prints (4R High Speed, High Quality, Waterproof Single Prints w/ design of your choice)

* P7,999.00 - 1 Photographer & 1 Videographer Unlimited Shots, with soft copy, Edited Video (1 song-MTV Style) with soft copy via email link

Regular Price - 10,000.00


* P3,999.00 A location of your choice with in Metro Manila, Unlimited shots for 2 hrs (ideal hrs is between 4pm to 6pm), with soft copy via email link of all photos taken (unedited), Online Gallery for sharing with family and friends




* 1 Professional Videographer (Sony HD VideoCam/Canon DSLR HD VideoCam User with External Lights Set up) * Edited Video with soft copy (Movie Type) with MTV Type Music Video (1 song) * Raw Video Footage with soft copy * 1 Professional Photographer (Canon DSLR User) * Unlimited unedited Photo Shots with soft copy via email link * Online Gallery

Regular Price - 25,000.00


* P99,999 - Prenuptial / Photo & Video (SDE) / High Tech, High Quality Photobooth + Videobooth (Metro Manila Only)


*Prenup Pictorial (1-2 Hrs, Outdoor or Indoor using Green Screen Technology)

*2-3 Professional Photographers (DSLR User) * Unlimited unedited Photo with soft copy * Online Gallery

* 2-3 Professional Videographer * Full documentation from preparation, ceremony to reception (MTV Type Video Shoot) * 2-3 Video Camera set up with Aerial shot * 5-8 mins cinematic highlights * Edited Video with soft copy (1 song) . * Raw Video Footage with soft copy via email link

* 4 hour Automated Gif Photobooth + Videobooth with FREE On the spot Facebook/Twitter Upload Service during the reception, 1 Operator & or with 1 Assistant * 4R High Quality Magnetic Fade proof, Waterproof Single Prints (Rated to Last for 200 Yrs)  * Free Digital Background * FREE use of fun props (Speech Bubbles) * Soft copy of photos.

*FREE 1 Photo in Canvass Print (like oil paint) with elegant frame

50% Downlpayment to book the event

40% Partial Payment after the event

10% Full Payment upon completion of the edited work via email link

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