Terms and Conditions

•Payment can be sent thru our BPI account under Facenook Digital Photography with the acc# 0249-1973-86. Please e-mail us the scanned deposit slip together with the signed contract/agreement form/formal quotation. Keep deposit slip for reference, and to be presented to our staff before the event starts.

• A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the total cost is due upon signing/filling out of the form/formal quotation and the remaining balance shall be paid in cash right after the event. In a rare case that no deposit is made (rush bookings), full cash payment is required before the event starts.

• Delivery/Transport fee may be added and will depend on the KM distance from our office. 

• Company logo / celebrants photo  for the customized design and backdrop (in high resolution jpeg format) plus the raw (layered) PSD file of the invitation can be emailed to us so we can match the template design.

• Ingress will be at least 1 hour prior to the rental time for regular booth rentals and at least 2 hours for high end packages. Egress will be right after the booth rental time. An additional fee will be charged for additional time requirement before, in between and after the rental time.

• Client will arrange for an appropriate space for the Booth at event's venue (at least 3x3 meters) and is responsible for providing power for the Photo Booth. An air conditioned location is ideal for better operation. Client will provide an electric fan in case the venue is not air-conditioned. Miscellaneous charges such as electricity, parking and other possible charges at the venue will be shouldered by the client.

• Any request for a date or time change must be made in writing (via email) at least 10 days prior to the original event date. Change is subject to Facenook Digital Photography’s (FDP) availability and receipt of a new agreement/form. If there is no availability for the alternate date/time, the deposit shall be forfeited and the event cancelled.

• Additional fee shall be charged per succeeding hour in excess of the agreed service, FDP will follow the specified time/date indicated on the signed form.

• Client will provide a meal for the staff / technician of FDP during the event (1-2 Persons for regular booth service and 4-8 persons for high end services - same time with the guests).

• Client will be responsible for any damage done to FDP’s equipment by any of the client’s guests or due to events circumstances.

• Add on services will start and end together with the Booth rental time. A different package is available for other services.

• FDP will have the right to use the images/videos for publication and advertising or for any other lawful purposes. FDP’s logo, website & contact details will reflect on the images/videos.

• In the event of a mechanical breakdown e.g. if the printer fails to print out photos on site, FDP will be allowed of a grace period with in the day maximum of 24-48 hrs to have printouts ready and deliver them to Client. If for reasons beyond our control FDP will not be held accountable. FDP is not responsible for any consequential damages or lost opportunities upon breach of this agreement.

• Terms and conditions may change without prior notice.

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